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Global Shutter Image Sensor Provides Higher Speed Machine Vision Capability

An image sensor can be called the “Eye of the Machine”. It can be used to assist devices to take static photos and dynamic movies, and then process and analyze the images according to the needs of the application to achieve more advanced and intelligent functions. Various image sensors are available to meet different application requirements - The image sensor is widely applied, and you can see it wherever images need to be shot. Depending on application requirements, you can select different image sensors with varied photosensitive technology (CCD or CMOS), resolution, shutter type, color/monochrome and size to improve the image sensing capability of the device. As a well-known image sensor supplier in the industry, onsemi offers a broad portfolio of image sensor products, providing camera manufacturers with a variety of choices to meet the requirements of all possible end applications from wearable devices and consumer electronics to demanding industrial and automotive applications. onsemi’s image sensors enable flexibility in configuration and combine the best performance features, such as high speed, high sensitivity and high image quality, to meet specific application requirements. They also provide existing customers with an easy upgrade path and allow manufacturers to use a single camera design to support multiple products, thereby speeding up the time to market.